The Red Phone:

‘It sounds like something I’ve heard before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.’ The Red Phone is known for it’s catchy and recognisable music, originals that ring a bell.
The band members grew up with 90’s and 00’s rock music and the blues and soul records that their fathers, uncles and neighbours used to listen too. Those impressions combined with some influences from nowadays guitar music, The Red Phone brings forward some lively sounds that lie somewhere in the middle of the music from The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys and Neil Young. 

The Red Phone was founded in 2012. In that year, the band recorded a self-titled EP which was about to get released when the band was picked up on by infamous Dutch film director Arne Toonen, who fell in love with the band’s music and decided to use the song ‘Sonny Boy’ it in his gangster movie ‘Black Out’. Since the music worked so well in the film, the band got renown before it’s first live appearance. Since then, the band played throughout The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and ventured upon occasional shows in other European countries.

In 2015, the band’s EP was followed up by a full-length album called ‘Dancing Like a Shark’, which was entirely recorded, mixed and produced by the band itself. And now, in 2020, somewhat overdue, the band has released another full-length album, called ‘HEAD’. Good things take time.
The new album, which was recorded in Patrick Delabie’s Studio 195, contains a broad collection of styles, ranging from easy listening singer-songwriter music to steaming riff-based rock songs, leaving it’s listeners to wonder what kind of song will follow next. HEAD is an album for romantics, rebels and everyone in between, with a production that does justice to the band’s dynamical live performances.

Line up:
Guitars & vocals: Seán Walsh
Bass & backing vocals: Mathijs Vermeulen
Drums & backing vocals: Mark Kieboom

The Red Phone ist eine dreiköpfige powervolle Band aus den Niederlanden, welsche sehr einprägsame Songs zu bieten hat, die sich in die Richtung Rock, Blues und Soul bewegen. Die Musik von The Red Phone ist aufrichtig, rau und manchmal zart. Die drei Jungs haben vor der Zeit von The Red Phone in verschiedenen blues & roots Bands gespielt. Die Bühne ist das zweite Zuhause für diese drei grandiosen Gentlemans. Eine Show von The Red Phone garantiert im jeden Fall gute, rohe Rockmusik, die das Publikum auf jedem Konzert zum kochen und abtanzen bringt! Ihr Geheimnis ist der Mix aus guter Musik, kraftvolles Auftreten und die Fähigkeit das Publikum in den Bahn zu ziehen.

The Red Phone