Last year has been a busy one, with thousands of miles on the road and lots of fun shows. Pretty intense, but hey… we love to play! We’re proud of our shows, we mainly play The Red Phone originals, and you know what? There are more to come! In about a month, we’ll hit the studios again. Our last album was quite an intensive project, since we took on the recording, mixing and mastering ourselves. This time we’re not taking matters fully into our own hands: we’ve decided to work with Patrick Delabie at Studio 195. A creative guy who has just the right energy we’re looking for.

We’re pretty fired up to get started, we’ll keep you posted on the process!



This Saturday is gonna be different

Saturday the 23th of April we are sharing the bill with Todd Wolfe (USA) and his band in the ‘Schwarzer Adler club’ in Rheinberg, Germany. We are looking forward to this special night. We had a great time last summer during the Gdynia Blues festival in Poland where we met Todd and his great band.

The Hague
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the promotor of the previously planned show on the same date had to cancel the show in The Hague. We hope to come back to The Hague in the near future.

Showtime this Saturday will be 8pm.

Thanks to the Germans

We had two great shows in Hamburg last week.
Exiting to do shows at the cool ‘BeLaMi’ and the thrilling ‘Cowboy und Indianer’ club at the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Our agency K.B.N. tells us there is more to come! Lass uns mal gehen…